MTD provides all of the services that you’ll need to keep your work flow seamless, except that we’re better, less expensive, faster – and our traffic services are free.
DISTRIBUTION – MTD has its own network in place to distribute HD TV and radio commercials 24/7 at rates that are typically 75% lower than what others charge. And the cost is the same whether we send your spots at 2AM or 2PM.
POST PRODUCTION – MTD has the capacity to customize hundreds of commercials within a few short hours, including closed captioning, Spottrac, BVS encoded, customized for local dealers with supers, or converted for use online, in cinemas, for electronic billboards or for internal purposes. And MTD’s rates are the absolute lowest in the business.
TRAFFIC SERVICES – Because MTD is independent of any agency, we manage your traffic needs as if we are a part of your company. We’ve been doing it for more than 34 years and, as an MTD distribution client, we’ll do it at no additional charge for those companies which require it.
EXPERIENCE – Network TV, Spot TV, Direct Response, Radio, Online (Web), Syndication, Theatrical, Electronic Billboards, Cinema Spots, Politicals, we’ve done it. In all, MTD provides the most efficient and inexpensive method yet devised to manage, deliver and manage television ad campaigns within a real-time, fully integrated group of services.  

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